Have you ever said "IVE GOT NO CLOTHES TO WEAR "

Lets face it as a nation we spend a fortune on clothes - And why the hell not!!

Looking good makes you feel good, But weve all had that moment where your convinced you have no clothes to wear..... I suspect this is'nt true!!

Infact it isnt - you just need to style them and wear them in a different way to fall back in love with your wardrobe.

I, Like many of us live for clothes, whenever I feel low or down just buying something like a top makes the world seem great again... So as you can imaging I have thousands of clothes, yet Ive had so many days having tantrums about having nothing to wear???

So I decided to pull things out my wardrobe and mix it up, add belts, jackets, accessories, layers and really change the way I saw my clothes.

For example we all have a dress you bought for a special occasion that really when you see it you just think of your birthday you wore it to or the wedding in your facebook pictures where you wore it and you think its too distinct to wear again to something special.... But trust me by adding a waist belt or smart jacket - tights or bold coloured shoes you could really change the whole look and make it seem good as new.

I will be adding items of clothing from my wardrobe and showing you different ways of tarting or mixing the outfit up.

Of course buying something for yourself every now and again is a must but I want to help you fall back in love with your old wardrobe.... without spending a penny!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

changing the apperience of clothes.

Sometimes with items of clothing - especially a distinctive patterned item, we can quickly get bored of them after wearing them a few times! You seem the item in your cubboard and you feel uninspired by it.
For example I have a dress I bought from topshop last year- At the time I loved it but more recently I was reluctant to wear it, so I pulled it out the wardrobe and just experimented with it- tried it on backwards, added belts, added necklaces until I created an up to date outfit for this season.
 Another way of updating an item of clothing is layering- which is a huge trend right now! Take a basic dress then add a crop t-shirt on top ( ie.. a great top this season over the top of dresses is a cream crochet knit) then add a cardigan and a jacket.
Statement jackets - like the nude blazer or leather biker are huge right now and instantly update any dress, top you've fallen out of love with.

I often wear tops backwards makes me feel creative and can give you different looks.
Try it for yourself... its easy,fun and creative and costs nothing to do!!

Sunday, 6 February 2011


Personalising your clothes is a great way to stand out and update your wardrobe. All you need is a great haberdashery and some creative thinking. 
For example - Last week I bought a pair of leather nude brogues, to be honest I wanted the marc jacobs gold ones but why spend all that money when you can create your own version and be original!
By simply buying some gold spray paint from a DIY shop, Ive created a stunning unique shoe.
It was quick, easy and cheap to do with a fantastic result. 
Another example is changing buttons on coats, I bought a cream faux fur coat from a vintage shop and added some large gold buttons- they cost me £6 and instantly made the coat look more expensive. 
 Also adding studs and rhinestones to items of clothing or shoes is a great way of changing the look with very little expense. 
Bored of your clothes?? Bring out your creative side.... see what you can create!! 

If your in your bedroom having a tantrum- Take a breath -- pull out your clothes throw them on your bed, pull out belts, necklaces, jackets etc and experiment.... Add colour, sparkle and update your outfit.